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Okay the wait is almost over - ABDL Pixel V2

Posted by LukeDL on April 29, 2010 at 8:39 PM Comments comments (1)

Well we all have been so busy geting abdlpixel.com back up with the new site as were calling "V2" but if you are some of the 2,000 first members this could be the "V3" for you lot.

It would have been quicker than said but as i am the only one out of the three of us that knows php and js, and just when i don't want to have any down falls, i get ill and been having head akes from hell for the last four days so staring at a computer all day dose not help but i still have been pushing on (shows you how much i love you guys and girls) =].

So i am going to make a list of some of the new tools that are getting added in with some picks too but i don't want to give it all away so not loads.

Okay some new stuff for you to do or as were now calling them "apps".

  • quizzes
  • polls
  • points 
  • Gifts
  • Games (add your own)

There is alot more to them but here are some of the picks but the site is stillbeing worked on so there could be more or less:




(this may not look like much but the hole site now runs around this)


(still have to add in the gifts, so you know what you want to send tell me in the comments)


Sorry for the large images not had time to resize, but there is so much more than you can see but i am not letting in what else about this lot.

Now we have some well requested tools that come with the site for bulling, spam and options:

  • Block buttons
  • more privacy settings (IE what goes on the feed wall and hide your self for showing online)
  • Friend feed (only what your friends are doing and as well the normale wall too)
  • Report item your on
  • Friends only chat
  • Photo Options (Rotate, Tag & More)

This has been most requested stuff, and if you asked i told you i was working on it but at the moment i am a one man band and some stuff taked almost a year.

We have updated some other stuff that was already there like, feed wall (like and comments), video wall, photo discrition, video wall, group subscriptions and bloger subscriptions that all is going to make ABDL Pixel one of the best abdl community sites, and the work is still not done this is just a start because ther is loads more to come.

Why dont you drop us a line in the comments about what you think as we are working so hard and never get comments on our blog (juts spam lol)

P.s Sorry for the spelling mistakes done this quick ^^

ABDL Pixel Chat V2 (V3 Ish)

Posted by LukeDL on January 24, 2010 at 10:09 AM Comments comments (0)

As most know that talk to me on ABDL Pxiel that we have been working on V2 (V3 ish as ABDL Pixel is a Remake from old and boring webs - freewebs) and part of this upgrade is our nice new chat to replace our ould chat that is on the site.

There still will be no video cal function as i am still humming and haring about this as it just means members start spaming emach other but there is other stuff that i wanted in the old on like going offline & as a site owner you wpuld not beleave there IM's i can get in 2 min and i gues it is the same for many members that just come in to add a photo or read a message. It is still going to be for the hole site for the time being but the first release of this will only be a beta as there is many more bugs that i may have not seen.

There is no ETA on this but it is soon =]

I will keep you guys and girls updated and keep an eye out for this months newsletter for more,

LukeDL & Team

DPRTube back online & Abdlpixel news!!!

Posted by LukeDL on December 29, 2009 at 8:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello readers,

As most of you know dprtube.com was down for some days and there was a good reason for this, if you have seen allready we have got out a new upgrade for 2010 and this is only the sart as this update was a quick one as there was so many bugs we have pushed it out ASAP and with 4 long days of me and one of my mods not geting any sleep almost we have got this new one out with all of your old file (all but photos and we are working on this).

Photo of new site below...

If you are a member of abdlpixel.com (and if your not your missing out xD) there is some big upgrades comming affter the new year and the big name for this is (drum roll) "V2".... okay it not a great name but will will be a great site xD as you guys have been in my ears for the last two years about diffrent things and some of them you can't just flick a switch so we have been working on this on a test site and there are loads of new tools, apps and easer and better to use in the hole but as i am not that good at keeping my mouth closed (or fingers xD) i have told daddy to stop me if i do.

As well as all that there is more for abdlpixel.com that is out now like group chat and site music but you have to go have a look as there too good for words.

hope to keep you updated with more, LukeDL & Baby Jaz

Some little upgrades on ABDL Pixel

Posted by LukeDL on November 27, 2009 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

As by request by members there are some new profile questions on our site ABDL Pixel these  questions include Sexual Tastes & Turn Off's, Twitter profile URL, Facebook profile URL and Site URL.

The site url is only a test and should be used to show profiles on other sites like Diaper Space or care4bbaby and NOT for adversising.

We always love your comments and idea's and any new questions for your profile we would love to hear.